Kindra J. F.

'Wrong' is not even the right word. How can you be 'wrong' writing? Maybe … hmmmm … I don’t know a word. Writing can be bad, for sure, but the judgment of it is also subjective. And people are very complex. Some can write their asses off without reading or needing to read, etc. Joseph Conrad was off the charts and English wasn’t even his first language.

It’s like you’re Ayn Rand (laughing); you’re making characters do what you want too much. I read and never lose sight of Oliver Shiny writing this. In good fiction, the author disappears. You ask questions and begin with this generality. Are you dialoguing directly with the audience or is the story speaking for itself and dialoguing directly with the audience?

I do think it helps to be well-read in a genre tho. I’m not great at fiction because too much of who I am comes through. I don’t have an imagination for s**t that’s not reality.

I’m more curious: what made you want to write in the genre? That can be rhetorical.

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