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Kine Protocol

Condition and Stop/Limit Order

  • More incentive for higher debt ratio: When a staking position gets liquidated, the incentive will be higher than 5% as the debt ratio goes higher than 100%. This will discourage stakers to keep positions at higher debt ratio and better protect the staking system.
  • Stakes might be redeemed, but with a profit: In certain scenarios, a staking position with debt ratio lower than 100%…

Current Liquidation Mechanism

To celebrate the launch of Kine iOS APP, Kine Protocol will give away Transaction Fee Discount Coupons to give back to the community for long-term support!

Activity Period:2021.08.05 19:00 — 2021.08.07 23:00(UTC+8)

Rules of activity:

Who are we looking for?

Kine Protocol

A fast, transparent, and effortless way to trade derivatives on Ethereum

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