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Kine Protocol

Do 6 Tasks & Get 1 KINE token

  1. To follow Twitter
  2. To join the Telegram group
  3. To follow Medium
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  5. To follow Discord
  6. To like, tag 3 members and retweet the…

Condition and Stop/Limit Order

  • More incentive for higher debt ratio: When a staking position gets liquidated, the incentive…

Current Liquidation Mechanism

To celebrate the launch of Kine iOS APP, Kine Protocol will give away Transaction Fee Discount Coupons to give back to the community for long-term support!

Activity Period:2021.08.05 19:00 — 2021.08.07 23:00(UTC+8)

Kine Protocol

A fast, transparent, and effortless way to trade derivatives on Ethereum

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