Terrence McCrary aka T aka T. Mack. aka Sweet T

Search #LongLiveTMack on Twitter and Instagram and you will find a sobering amount of photos and words chronicling the life of a young man with an enormous smile. His name was Terrence McCrary, I knew him as T.

Both T and I worked on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, California. T worked at the sneaker store Bows and Arrows, which is adjacent to mine. I didn’t know T that well, but I saw him every day and was building a friendship with this bright young man.

Candles and a vase of sunflowers that reads T MACK FOREVER (photo taken in front of Bows and Arrows by Christopher Nunan)

T was 22 and already a giant presence amongst East Bay Area youth and the epitome of a carefree black kid whom exuded positivity. T wore a jacket, which he wrote, “If You’re Reading This, It’s Never That Serious” on the back of and lived by the phrase, “Don’t Be Sorry, Be Careful.”

“Don’t Be Sorry. Be Careful. — T (photo taken on 15TH & Webster in Oakland, CA by Christopher Nunan)

Saturday night, T attended a birthday celebration at Prime Development art gallery in Downtown Oakland where an argument erupted, which led to a shooting and T was shot a killed by a stray bullet along with Craig Fletcher-Cooks, 20. Neither of the men arguing were killed. And although there is currently a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of the suspects involved in the argument, karma and the streets will most likely be the judge.

Throughout the past couple days friends and family have been visiting the scene where T passed to leave flowers, candles and share memories of T.

T MACK FOREVER. (photo taken on 15TH & Webster in Oakland, CA by Christopher Nunan)

We lost a very fucking good one.

Rest well, young king.


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