Just to start this post off, here is a link to the daily incident reports. https://police.umn.edu/sites/police.umn.edu/files/daily_log_8.pdf This report has a daily log from all of the times police were called out, arrested someone, or issued citations. Going over the report it seemed like a lot of the incidents are just your normal petty thievery, traffic incidents, tresspassing, etc. There aren't as many major reports in their log. In today’s day in era a hot topic of discussion is police brutality. I am thinking of going around this next week and taking a poll on whether the students feel scared/ intimidated by the UMPD or if they feel like the cops won’t hurt them unless it’s necessary. Is that a good idea to do? There used to be a group called Students United Against Police Brutality that stood up against police using excessive force. From the website I looked at, it would seem as if the group disbanded because the last time they registered was September of 2014. The website is http://sua.umn.edu/groups/directory/group/3290/ I could not find any other articles about the statistics of police brutality on campus. When I set up my interview with an officer at the UMPD police station, I could ask them about that. I myself have had experiences with police brutality. I was walking down my alley on my way home from the gym when a squad car pulled out behind me. They didn’t use their lights or siren, all they did was hop out of their car and pull their guns out on me. I tried to explain that this is my alley and I am just walking home. They didnt believe me and told me to stop arresting when I was just standing still. After they cuffed me they slammed my head on the hood of the car and laughed. After they searched everything in my gym bag, they uncuffed me and told me to have a nice night. I know there has to be some sort of police brutality on the campus, but I am almost positive that it doesn’t happen as much as other parts of the cities. I have talked to the officers a few times and from what our conversations have been and how they talk, they care about the students on campus. They know there will be a lot of partying going on and very questionable mishaps, but they just want to make sure it goes on safely. I talked to a few of my friends on campus that I have known for years about their thoughts on the UMPD. They all agreed that the cops were way nicer and seemed to genuinely care. Unlike the cops from where we grew up, that would harass us all the time. A few other students said that as long as you aren’t doing anything stupid or illegal in front of the cops, they ted to leave you alone. I am having trouble on finding other resources other than the internet for my topic. Do any of you have any ideas?