This week I watched a couple videos that were made by the UMPD. The link is . This video helps with a quick summary on how to stay safe on campus. There is a gofer chauffeur that you can use to be escorted across campus. The number for that is (612) 624-WALK. When you use this it provides you with a safe way to get across campus. There are also blue connector phones across the campus that puts you into a direct line to the UMPD. There is another video about a guy going on a ride along to show how a UMPD officers day is like This video goes into depth about what it is like to be an officer on the campus and what their jobs entitles. The officer is called into a medical call and comes across a domestic happening. The officers not only help out on the campus, but they as well have a big presence in the surrounding neighborhoods. If the surrounding neighborhoods crime is kept in place than there is less likely of a chance for it to come over into the campus. I am thinking about trying to set up a ride along or an interview, but I need to find some time to schedule it.

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