PPC Pro Tip of the Day: 25/01/17

Today marks the day that Instagram Stories rolls out to all users, and therefore, for any advertisers looking to target 18–25 year olds, my pro tip of the day to spend time and learn how to use Instagram (and Snapchat) to create great stories to distribute them on the content platforms.

Also this week there’s also been several reports of Facebook adopting the Stories feature at the top of their mobile app, perhaps in a bid to increase Facebook usability with younger users.

While Google AdWords remains king for the time being, the rise of Facebook Ads in recent months, along with a younger demographic with huge engagement on Instagram & Snapchat, could mean there is a soon to be a changing of the guards in the paid advertising landscape.

Fraser Smith is an Advertising Account Manager working at Clean Digital, a Google Premier Partner in Edinburgh, Scotland. While long walks on beaches aren’t really his thing, he does enjoy good food, even better wine and working with his partner Sarah to try and take over the world. You can connect with him on Twitter & LinkedIn.