So, You’ve Officially Made Pharah A Native
Dia Lacina

This comment is to merely refute Anna Stones weak points.

  1. Blizzard is not a child trying to impress it’s parents. It’s a whole team of people who work on a project, designed characters and made plans for months/years in a medium where doing things “right” is a part of the job. They’ve also taken the job of trying to bring diversity to the game. Kudos to them, but actual diversity requires insight and sensitivity to pull off just right. Their also adults. If they can’t take criticism as a team, theirs something wrong with their team.
  2. Great Wall was made by a mostly Chinese staff as well. It wasn’t made for the American market, so it doesn’t matter that it failed here. And you could easily argue it wasn’t a movie that stood out in any capacity to differentiate it from other movies or warrant success. The white washing controversy barely had any effect on it.
  3. Once again they are a company of people with lots of time and hands. Criticism is a necessary component of any business if they want to improve. Criticism IS encouragement. In art school you’re pieces are constantly open to critique. Not to discourage you. But to make the places where improvement is needed clear.
  4. Once again it’s a very shoehorned backstory tidbit. Pharahs skin as well as plenty of the skins of other characters when the game released don’t shed any light on the characters on their own. Just like any other hero based game, they come off as just aesthetic. If Blizzard truly intended for her to be of mixed race from the start that connection should have been apparent from the start. Companies mess up all the time. Nothing wrong with calling them out for it.
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