Smoking Cannabis Vs. Vaporizing Cannabis

Vaporizing vs. Smoking Cannabis

Many studies show that vaporizing is healthier than smoking with both nicotine e-cigarettes and cannabis vapes. There are a lot of reasons to switch over from traditional smoking to vaping but they’re hard to see when confronted with a high startup cost. The secret of vaporizing is that it actually saves you money and the more expensive products are more capable of working to your benefit. Having specific temperature settings can help you to get a more well-rounded effect without side effects.

Vaporize at the right temperature.

Traditional smoking can create a more harsh smoke than the vapors that are emitted from a vaporizer. One of the reasons that vaporizers deliver smoother hits is because they’re actually heating your dry herbs to the proper temperature. A true convection vape doesn’t apply heat directly to the herbs. It heats air and runs the warm air through the herbs to create vapor. There is no comparing this method to directly combusting herbs with a butane lighter. The optimal temperature to burn cannabis at is 356°F — 385°F, most joints burn up to 1020°. That means that you are torching dry herbs when smoking traditionally which turns the inhalants into tar and noxious gas.

Getting the most from your Cannabinoids.

The effects of cannabis are created by terpenes combining with phenols to make cannabinoids. When these cannabinoids are inhaled, applied topically or ingested they can create proven medicinal effects. When burning the herb with a joint or bong you’ll burn off a lot of valuable cannabinoids and create a less desirable high filled with side effects. When vaping you’ll intake 95% of the cannabinoids in the marijuana, while you only get 12% of the cannabinoids out of bud.

Vaporizers have been reported to be more intense in effect than traditional smoking, which allows you to use less medical cannabis than you would with a blunt or bubbler. This is where the price of the vape comes into play. If you’re looking to save money through purchasing a dry herb vaporizer it’s important to pay attention to a couple of things. Make sure it is a true convection vaporizer with at least 3 temperature settings for the best return on investment. The startup cost may be higher than a new piece of glass but in the long view that startup cost leads to savings.

Enjoy the effects with no toxins.

Since joints and pipes burn at such a high temperature they combust the flower and create smoke. Smoke has been the cause of many respiratory diseases and lung cancer. This is probably due in part to the tar and noxious gasses created with combustion style smoking. When vaporizing, you’ll get pure cannabinoids and a vapor that is 95% carcinogen free. Another study by California NORML and MAPS found that a vaporizer can turn 46% of available THC into vapor where normal smoking can do 25%. THC is the coveted psychoactive cannabinoid and 95% of it is absorbed in the first seconds of smoking. Small, shallow puffs are all that you need with vaping. You’ll no longer need to hold in tar filled smoke to get medicated, vaping is tasty and almost completely toxin free.

Effects of Cannabis from Vaporizers compared to Smoking.

The effects from smoking cannabis to vaporizing it can vary greatly. It also depends on many factors like what you smoke from (a joint or a water pipe) compared to what vaporizer you use to the temperature. For example, a water pipe will get you a big hit that is followed by a lot of smoke but vaporizing at the right temperatures will not. Passing the cannabis temperatures of vaping will definitely combust your herbs and create more smoke. Vaporizers vaped at around 356°F — 385°F is ideal and gives you more of a “clear-headed high” rather than making you couch locked. You can also dose out your herb by how much you vape. Generally you save more dry herbs by vaping so you can take smaller hits and get less THC.