Here’s a free basic car checklist (because we’re nice like that)

DIY checklist

The average South African drives around 12,000km every year. To the Mom who does taxi-duty every day, it probably seems a lot more. To your Mom, who only drives to bingo on Tuesdays, that’s ridiculously high.

But who wants to be average anyway, right? Separate yourself from the masses by… Dun dun dun… Doing your own basic car checks. At home. Unsupervised. Because you can!

Every car should be checked regularly to ensure that the mechanical and electrical thingamabobs are working properly. Keeping on top of this will help reduce the risk of breaking down between ballet class and soccer practice. (Although, if you do, and you’re part of the King Price family, we’ve got your back. More about that another time.)

12-point car checklist:

  1. Headlights: Make sure your lights are working. It doesn’t have to be dark before you test this.
  2. Indicators: Check that your indicator lights are working. Front and back, remember. And check your hazard lights while you’re at it.
  3. Other lights: Check that your brake lights, parking lights and reverse lights are all bright and shiny.
  4. Engine oil: Check the level and top up if needed, but remember not to change your oil when the engine is hot.
  5. Dashboard lights: Check to see if any fuses have blown.
  6. Transmission fluid: Check the level and top up if needed. (You might need to consult the manual for this.)
  7. Radiator coolant: Check the level and top up if needed. (Ditto the manual.)
  8. Battery: Check that the cables are securely connected and make sure you don’t have any leaks.
  9. Power steering fluid: Check the level and top up if needed. (Do we need to say ‘manual’ again?)
  10. Wipers: Lift up the blades and check for signs of wear and tear or damage.
  11. Windscreen washer fluid: Top up if needed.
  12. Tyres: Inspect your tyres for signs of wear and tear and buy a tyre air-pressure gauge so you can check the pressure regularly.

If anything seems out of the ordinary, don’t ignore it. While these tips will help keep your car running smoothly, reduce your risk on the road, and go some way towards preventing ridiculous repair bills, some things are better left to the professionals.

Oh, and while we’re helping you avoid ridiculous bills, don’t forget that King Price offers insurance that decreases monthly, discounts of up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with the king, R1 insurance for some of your favourite things, and cover for everything you own!

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