The most bizarre insurance claims to date

Just when we thought we’d heard it all, we found a few bizarre car insurance (and a few others) claims that are fitting for our royal book of insurance fame.

Companionable cows clean car

We head to France for this bizarre claim where a couple were exploring the countryside. A herd of sociable cows trotted along and nuzzled up to the couple’s car, getting so friendly that they licked the paint right off it. Thankfully their claim was paid out, although the poor claims consultants struggled to keep a straight face throughout.

Girl on fire meets bride on fire

A bride from Italy invested in a handmade dress for her wedding and while she looked beautiful during the ceremony, it went up in smoke during the reception. She stood a little too close to a braai, or whatever it’s called in Italy, and her dress caught alight. Luckily her new husband saved the day by dashing her into the nearby sea. Her insurer reportedly paid 50% compensation for the cost of her dress.

A phone in the cow

A livestock farmer who had embraced technology on the farm and used his phone’s torch function to help him during a midnight calving session reported that his phone disappeared inside 1 of his cows. While he did get the phone back, it didn’t work. We’re sure that he was pleased to hear that his claim would be paid out.

Cigars destroyed in a series of small fires

A lawyer insured his expensive cigars against a range of different risks, including fire. When his cigars were destroyed within in what he reported as a “series of small fires”, his insurer correctly assumed he had smoked them and refused to pay. A judge, however, ruled in his favour because the insurance policy didn’t declare what an “unacceptable” fire actually was. While his claim was paid out, the lawyer was soon after arrested and given jail time as well as a fine for several counts of arson.

Safety training gone amuck

Several trainees were undergoing safety training and while in an elevator for a particular demonstration they got stuck. It seems that they didn’t handle the experience too well and lodged a claim for the mental anguish they had reportedly suffered. Their claim was paid out, but it was a little strange that they were claiming for exposure to a situation they were training to deal with.

For the most part, insurance claims aren’t funny. They can be frustrating, inconvenient, and sometimes tragic, which is why when you’re part of our royal family we make sure to help you deal with the rough stuff.

They can also be somewhat humdrum, which is why we look out for these light-hearted stories and add a bit of fun wherever we can… Like doing what we say we’ll do through our award-winning service, giving you discounts on your car insurance through our multiple car discount offering, R1 insurance for a range of expensive portable possessions, and decreasing your car insurance premiums every month, all of which gives our clients a reason to laugh all the way to the bank.

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