Lebron James will sign with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2018

(if he doesn’t leave Cleveland)

Jul 21, 2017 · 5 min read

Lebron James, the greatest basketball player of our generation will be a free agent in 2018. Everyone and they mama is speculating where he will end up. Will it be LA, San Antonio, Miami? Maybe he’ll try to form the first mega-team and sign with Golden State. So many delicious possibilities.

When you thinking about leaving Cleveland…again.

The truth is Lebron isn’t going to any of those cities, he might stay in Cleveland if they win the championship next year, but the last time I checked the Warriors are still an NBA 2k cheat code, so Lebron will be cooking in a different city in 2018.


Now comes the fun part, determining where Lebron will go. This can be monumental and devastating news for any franchise. Lebron shifts the balance of power in the NBA when he changes teams. He makes whatever team he is on an instant contender. He’s the only player in the league that can do that. Some could make the argument for KD, but the Warriors won 73 games with out him and made it to two NBA Finals. KD is dope but Lebron got the sauce.

Chef James with the pot boy.

Lebron Is Taking His Talents To Milwaukee.

Leading up to Lebron’s free agency next year I know two things: Lebron is going somewhere he can win now and expect the unexpected. For that those two reasons and analyzing Lebron’s motivations in the past its easy to assume he will sign with the Milwaukee Bucks. Here are my reasons why.

Milwaukee population will be 594,834 when the Bron Bron arrives.

The Greek Freak.

Lebron wants to play with talented players and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the 6'11 prodigy would give Lebron the Pippen to his Jordan. He’s the rarest player in the league and he hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential. Lebron and Giannis would absolutely terrorize the league and I didn’t even mention Thon Maker. Who is Thon Maker? Just a 7 footer that runs like a wide receiver, shoots the three and defends like a young Kevin Garnett. With the Bucks current talent and cap space Lebron would have another 3–5 year window of going to the NBA Finals.


Lebron’s legacy is good. He’s already on the NBA Mt. Rushmore, no debating that. Winning a ring in Milwaukee, would allow Lebron to become the 1st player to ever take three teams to the finals and win a championship. He would have three statues in three US cities. Jordan has never done that.

Captain Save A City

When Lebron comes to your city the whole economy changes. We talking jobs on jobs on jobs. Everyone benefits, everyone eats. There is opportunity in Milwaukee.

King of the Midwest

Preparing For Ownership.

Lebron has stated many times that he wants to be an NBA owner when he is done playing basketball. Going to Milwaukee will provide him with his third organization that he can learn and develop the tools that with help him succeed as an NBA owner once he retires. Milwaukee drafts very well and is good at developing talent. Lebron learned a great deal while in Miami on how to run an organization and was able to apply those tactics in Cleveland to help them secure their first championship.

Lebron James, NBA Owner

Milwaukee Is In The East

The West is stacked. Lebron wants to destroy the Warriors….in the Finals. If Lebron goes to the Lakers he will have to play the Warriors four times a season. The East is improving, you can’t sleep on Boston, Philly could be something if they ever get healthy, but LeBronnis (did you see what I did there?) would be the East Coast version of the Warriors.

Editor’s note: LeBronnis sounds and looks better on a T-shirt than LeBronzo.

Nope…but let me tell you about LeBronnis.

Lebron Needs To Be More Selfish

Lebron did it for the haters and doubters. He did it for the Land. Now he needs to do it for himself. It’s time to ring chase. He will sign two year contracts with an opt out option after the first year for the rest of his career. This will greatly benefit Lebron because it will guarantee he is consistently playing for a contender while also getting market value and securing the bag every year should the salary cap increase.

Lebron is smart af. He knows there is no Player/Team loyalty anymore. NBA players give their everything to the game, their city and their teams. When they make moves in their best interest they are viewed as selfish and cowards, when their Owners trade them to a new city without even telling them and they have to uproot their families to a new environment its just business.

After seeing how Charles Oakley was treated at Madison Square Garden and how the Miami Heat treated his BFF DWade his last year after preaching loyalty and family, Lebron should get his because the league can be fickle af. Yes, its cool to say you played for one team for 20 years and all that BS, but the NBA is a business, Lebron is the best businessman in basketball and his 2018 move will be straight business homie.

Like a boss.

So there you have it. Lebron will sign with the Milwaukee Bucks and over the next four years he will go 3–1 in the NBA Finals. Bringing his career win total to 6 for 12 in the NBA Finals. He’ll have the same numbers of rings as Jordan and would’ve went to more finals than Bill Russell. Not bad for the greatest basketball player ever.


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