Another day another lesson from JAY:Z it seems, huh? Yes indeed! This weekend I had plans on buying the physical copy of 4:44 because I wanted to hear the bonus tracks. To my surprise I see a notification that tells me the bonus tracks are now available for streaming on TIDAL. I then realized for most things you want you don’t ever have to go out of your way, all you have to do is wait.

The waiting game is a difficult one to play living in an era where everything comes at a rapid pace. However jumping the gun can lead to unwanted money spent and unfavorable outcomes all of which could be avoided with just a little patience.

Just like how the bonus became available those who wanted the album but not TIDAL also won by waiting just a little longer and they were able to get 4:44 on their preferred streaming service without dishing out that extra 12.99/24.99 for TIDAL.

The key on waiting on what you want is reminding yourself that’s it’s only a want and not a need, which means you can go without it and when it finally comes you’ll be glad you waited.

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