Playing With Your Guard Down

One of the things I enjoy the most in my life is playing fighting games. I don’t know what it is but it just been a fascination and past time of mine since childhood. I remember while playing these games with other people there was always someone that constantly held the block button. The block button kept you protected from attacks but if you held it all day it would stall the flow of the fight. I’ve realized life can be like holding the block button. We keep up this shield of defense where cant be hurt/damaged and thinks that is helping us. By constantly doing this we go through life not experience any punches which leads to no growth.

However when we declared that we would just fight without blocking as much, the fights were much more enjoyable and we played twice as many matches. When you remove the block button from your life, you open yourself up to experience more and it doesn’t matter how much you get bruised you still continue to fight. It took me years to figure out vulnerability and not perfection is what really matters, hopefully it doesn’t take you that long. So remember a strong defense is an even stronger offense stay on the attack, take a few hits and get ready for the next battle.

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