Yesterday as I was preparing a bath something suddenly hit me. The simplest thing like taking a bath has taught me two things when it comes to accomplishing my goals.

  • . While running bath water you want to get the tub to the perfect temperature, not too hot or not too cold. To do that you play with both the hot and cold knobs until the perfect stream is achieved. Adjacent to our real life we can’t ever lean too far to the extreme of a plan of attack. Sometimes we may need help sometimes we may have to do things solo but all the time we need balance.

  • . — GIVE IT TIME
  • . Unless your water pressure is on kamehameha mode, water isn’t going to burst out at an extreme rate to fill your tub up in seconds. Even if you turn the knobs to its max you still have to give it proper time to fill up. Much like no matter how hard we “grind” or “hustle” if it isn’t time, it isn’t time and we can only focus on our due diligence not the reward that comes from it.

All in all when the bath is complete it serves for the perfect relief , this is the feeling you’re going to feel when you let life take its course while focusing on the journey and not the destination.

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