Last night I was doing some reading and the writer mentioned something about “following up”. That’s when it hit me that I often let things go after one attempt(when it comes to asking for help,favors,etc). Plenty of people struggle with this as well and now I see persistence has been an underrated trait for a long time.

Ever notice that when a child constantly ask for something they usually end up getting it? As we get older we don’t want to seem like the nagging child but, the nagging child wants what it want regardless of how it make them appear and that is what allow them to consistently ask for what they want until they reach some type of resolve.

Howard Schultz of Starbucks was denied a loan 242 times, Walt Disney idea for Disneyland was denied 302 times, even still one rejection is enough to make most people give up for an entire lifetime! Today should be the day that ends, I encourage everyone to attempt their wildest dream and/or biggest desire just one more time and one more time after that!