Often when people are playing this game we call LIFE, many are distracted by what goes on around them. Some seek to undermine the other player, some seek to trade places , and some are just flat out nosey only wanting to see what the other player has going on. It reminds me of the multiplayer video games that featured a split screen.

During these split screen sessions both players have full view of the ENTIRE screen. However the point is not to look at the ENTIRE screen, there is a specific portion dedicated strictly for you to play your game and that’s how we should look at life. Yes there are a thousand things going on around us but Life specifically give us a proper portion to carve out our own lane to play the game to the best of our ability.

So the next time you catch yourself drifting off into other people lives remember that what they have going on has little to nothing to do with you. If you focus on the screen time that’s given to you then you heighten your chances of winning the game you wanna play by tenfold.

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