A couple days ago the world’s greatest basketball player (Lebron James) alongside the new school hype Ben Simmons gathered to watch Lonzo Ball to play in one of his summer league games. Lonzo Ball has captured most of the nation’s attention due to antics of his father Lavar Ball speaking about how great of player Lonzo is and will become.

When your notoriety reaches a certain level be ready for people to watch how your life plays out constantly. Some people gather to see you fail,some to succeed, and others are just curious to know how the cards will unfold for you. The pressure of performance should never bereft you, as long as your focus stays on your task and not your spectating audience. Just as in Lonzo case, never once did you hear him join in on the talking and speculating that his father did across the media. Anytime you’ve seen him on a platform he spoke modest and kept all conversation on basketball, speaking on what he brings to the table. That same night Lebron & company attended his game he put up a staggering 36 points and 11 assists. Lonzo made have switched his shoes for the night (wearing the Kobe signatures instead of his own ZO2 sneakers) but never did he switch his focus. Let spectators spectate and hopefully what they’ll be watching is you being great.