I’m one week before law school “officially” starts but it’s been feeling like two weeks already. Everyday I’ve been studying and briefing cases all of which have led me to allocate my time correctly.


Probably the most effective way to take advantage of any day is getting your day started earlier than the average population. There’s too many working advantages in this equation: the roads are clear, the lines are short, and the noise is non-existent. In my case my early rise has allowed me to get high demanded books checked out in the library before anyone could think of using them.


Much like doing things very early, accomplishing tasks late at night also have unparalleled advantages. Usually everyone is sleep or locked away which can give you time to exercise without any interruptions, go for an unbothered swim or simply catch up on some much delayed reading. In my case I use the late night as a precursor for the next day of work so I won’t have to get up as early all the time. Using the late night hours effectively allows for extra sleep in the morning.

As you move in your adult years you’ll find the best time for getting things is done is either really early in the morning or really late at night. If you choose any time in between you can’t complain about the horrors that comes with it , be prepared to deal with it and carry on!

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