WE ARE FAMILY: Cultivating Success While Moving as a Tight Unit

After watching MikeWillMadeIt’s interview with The Breakfast Club, I just found out Rae Sremmurd are actually brothers (all this time and I never knew) and it made me think of another hip hop act (MIGOS) and I realized what made these two acts work and stay on top without the public inner drama.


It’s hard to accomplish anything in a group atmosphere without trust but I think MIGOS were the most effective in displaying what real trust is. During one of Offset’s stints in jail, Quavo and Takeoff sat aside Offset’s portion for each show they would do and when he came home they gave him everything he was owed. In an industry where money is always being manipulated it shows that the MIGOS wouldn’t let such a frivolous thing come between them and that allows them to consistently grind without the hassle of worrying about what’s going with the money.


Both RAE SREMMURD and MIGOS show extreme chemistry when they rap together. The best examples of their chemistry doesn’t necessarily come from their studio tracks but it’s best shown in their freestyles. In a Rae Sremmurd freestyle you watch as both Slim Jimmi and Swae Lee are able to feed off each other without cutting each other off all the time and they freestyle for a long time without much stumbling. As for the MIGOS their asset of chemistry lies in their Ad-libs which is also best described in their freestyles. When one raps the two inserts perfectly timed ad Libs, that can only be achieved by a group that raps with each other all the time. They mesh so easily it’s always an exciting thing to watch them freestyle.


Perhaps the most important trait is each member know their position and plays it well. As MikeWill said “Jimmi is the greatest entertainer, Swae Lee is the greatest songwriter”. Jimmi makes Rae Sremmurd exciting while Swae Lee brings the melodic tones and lyrics that makes their songs unforgettable. If you look at the MIGOS, they know when to let the other shine and never take offense if one member receives more attention than the other because at the end of the day one person can’t be MIGOS it takes all three. Whenever MIGOS perform bad and boujee, Takeoff performs it with them with just as much excitement as if he’s on the song. Takeoff have his moments where he shine and Offset and Quavo can do multiple features without any known resentment or backlash. This can only happen when a person knows themselves and everyone has a mutual respect that doesn’t stop a person from shining.

Overall the biggest contribution. to these successful acts is the fact that their actually Family! If you too want to reap success as a cohesive unit, moving like a family is required because real family go to extreme lengths for each other that associate or even friends would never dare go to.

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