Gather voice and video feedback from your customers with Voice Stakk

As you already know, customers play a major role behind the success of your business. Therefore, it is important for you to gather their feedback in order to provide a better service. Along with the development of technology, now you have the ability to stay away from traditional customer feedback forms and gather customer feedback in a much interactive way. If you are looking for such a tool, Voice Stakk is the perfect option available out there to consider.


VoiceStakk Overview

Vendor:Mark Thompson


Date: 2015–08–20

Launch Time: 11:00

EDTFront-End Price:$37-$97

What is Voice Stakk?

Voice Stakk can simply be defined as a widget that can be used to collect voice and video feedback from the visitors who are coming to your website. This widget can easily be placed in any website and it is compatible with almost all the Internet browsers out there. This widget will give you the opportunity to get a better idea about what customers say about your website, products or services. Therefore, Voice Stakk can be considered as the most convenient option available for the modern world business owners to generate customer feedback, email subscribers and testimonials without much hassle.


What are the features offered by Voice Stakk?

  • Collect Voice and Video messages — As I mentioned earlier, Voice Stakk is the best option available for website owners to get video and audio feedback from visitors. The gathered audio and video files can easily be managed and you can review them whenever you want.
  • Beautiful widgets to suit any website — Voice Stakk comes along with a wide range of widgets. In fact, there is a professionally designed widget that suits almost all the websites out there. You can conveniently place the “Call to Action” button on your website using this widget.
  • Upload visitor videos directly to YouTube — The YouTube integration feature offered by Voice Stakk will give you the opportunity to upload customer video messages directly to your video. Then you can embed them in the “customer testimonials” page of your website.
  • Email Integration — You can integrate customer feedback with your emails and use an auto responder to get back to them at a lightning fast speed.
  • SMS Integration — You can even get the feedback of your customers directly to your mobile device via SMS.
  • Helpdesk integration — Last but not least, you can integrate your existing help desk with Voice Stakk to provide automatic support tickets upon providing feedback.

All these features come at an affordable price tag and the benefits you get are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay. Therefore, spending your money to purchase Voice Stakk subscription can be considered as an excellent investment done towards the future of your business.


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