Moving To Automatic Engagement

As we mentioned many times before, mobile is a very powerful tool nowadays. So is marketing automation. There’s nothing wrong with the traditional marketing methods, only mobile technology along with automation enable much more possibilities and dynamic approach. The idea is to map out a customer’s journey from the first point of contact to making a purchase, with timely, relevant messages nudging them along the way. Meaning… Small business owners and managers now can use different actions, triggers and loyalty programs to attract and communicate with customers. (Tweet this!) Simply setting up a campaign on your Kingdon dashboard, send out your message and watch the results coming.

Actions are offers and promotions that can be sent on mobile phones of your customers via sms in order to redeem them in store and share them with your friends through social channels.
Triggers are the conditions or criteria that result in a consumer action. Trigger can be something like: „Have a lunch on a sunny side of the street!“ perhaps for a restaurant that wants to suggest a discount for take away lunch to nearby customers .
You also can set up a loyalty program and define a reward for those who collect a certain amount of points. When customer is close to getting a reward you could send a message to remind him. „You’re close to a FREE wrap!’ – ensuring customers keep you in mind when thinking about eating out.
Receiving sms text on their smartphone and opening a surprise can be very enticing, especially if a customer is hungry and your offer has a mouthwatering food photo.
Automatic engagement tells you the most important steps you can take to stand out and convert visitors to regular customers. When used effectively it not only sends out relevant messages, but tells you how to make your visitors want to come back. The more your customers visit you, the better it gets. Possibilities and ideas are immense and only your imagination can limited them.

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