Finding Your Tribe

Is there anyone else desperate for friends who share your same curiosity for life and adventure? I dream about the lives of people who pass me by on the street. I wonder about the untold story left in the hearts of my elders. I can’t stop reflecting on life’s purpose and meaning and wondering where I fit into all of this. What is the grand plan? My contribution? Who will I be? How will I be remembered?

I feel alone in my thinking because I unfortunately have not come across another mind who sees the world the same way. My mind is a nuisance, strange, and overworked to those around me. I cannot speak ill about the “man with the strange haircut” or “the freak with the outfit” because they are daring to be themselves in a world that is determined to pressure you to be anyone but yourself. Their love for their spirit can not be undercut with laughter from onlookers. I am too envious to be critical. Too intrigued to be judgmental. Those souls brave enough to wear their soul on their sleeve have earned my praise and my envy.

I want to join them. I want to be so free that opinions don’t matter. I want to surround myself with the people so bold that their is no alternative to being who they are. No compromise. No apologies. I cannot sit on the side lines with the cowards who judge and never dare to let their own soul free.

The world is so quick to pull the rug out from underneath you, people are so fast to hit you with words that hurt more than fists, but if I could just find the people out in the world who share my love of humans, stories, and adventure I could tune them out. I want to have a tribe of people who share ideas, stories, and love without tearing anyone down in the process. I’m looking for souls who hearts are bigger than their body, who see courage in the unordinary, who laugh without cruelty. Those are the people I want to share my love with.