I’m Not Losing My Mind

I am not losing my mind

I am embedded in it.

My thoughts are my best friend

They keep me alive

in story

In creation

I’m alive in my head

I’m sleeping through life

Scenes rush through me

The world in all of its beauty

My thoughts keeps me company

I can’t feel alone

When I feel so much, think so much

Dream so much

I don’t need peace in the world

When peace already exists in my head

I imagine

I am anywhere

I am anyone

I have accomplished all of my dreams

I have done it myself

I saw, I watched

I see how it unfolds

I feel the joy

I cry and weep when the picture

Becomes dark

The stories are not always joyous

But I always get joy from the stories

They are endless



Ending unwritten

I am a work in progress

Too excited to dream

Too excited to vision

I forget to live

I live in my mind

Where the sun shines and storms brew

When I want them to

Darkness fades and endingss change

When I tell them do

Love persists on my watch

On my clock

I create in my mind

I am not losing it

I am enjoying it.