What if today was your last day alive?

What if everything stopped right now? Dead in it’s tracks. It was over. Finito. This was your very last day, what would you feel?

If it’s regret this is your moment. Right here, right now to realize you are not living the life you need. This whole idea of live and living and finding some kind of purpose is exhausting. The only thing I’ll ever know for sure is we have to do things that make us want to wake up in the morning.

We need to dream the kind of dreams that make us excited to get back up after we got knocked down because we’re learning. Day by day, step by step. We’re learning what to do. We’re learning what not to do. And if the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow, if you’ll never see another blue sky, if the last words you ever spoke were the last words you spoke. That should make you feel something. Never leave open ends. Say I love you unconditionally, uncontrollably, unreasonably. Say I appreciate you taking the time to listen. Ask for help. Do what makes you feel alive. Because if you don’t feel alive, you’re already dead. I’ll say it again, if you don’t feel alive you’re already dead.

I can’t believe that the purpose of life would to be wake up to a world that feels entirely foreign to your soul, waiting for just a few hours or minutes to feel like yourself only to wake up and to it again tomorrow. Each day waiting for another day to feel something. If you want to feel something, you have to make yourself uncomfortable. Put yourself out there. Do whatever feels like you. Find your way home. All you ever need to strive for in life is feeling content when the sun finally sets.