As multidisciplinary communication practitionerI have the right to carefully select clients I engage well with. Public Relations is not just money for providing a prime services, it’s a lifestyle I wear pretty well. Creating a SWOT analysis will help to understand and place value upon strengths of MGM while create new strengths and opportunities. Being in the epicenter of entertainment gives MCM access to an unsurpassed pool of creativity. I will create a highly innovative and though provoking social initiative campaigns that speaks to millennials on a credible level and uniquely position MGM to represent the very best LA has to offer. Business is all about producing results, in the first 90 days I will produce data, backed by market research use to identify what types of advertising campaigns would be adequate for MGM. My main focus within the first 90 days is to create a scalability plan for MGM. This plan will give MGM the agility to develop new assets while leveraging assets to get the most value out of them. The plan will show opportunity for MGM to pivot when needed to maintain its positioning within the industry. I will create a social media engagement plan, a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers, invites and encourages consumer to participate in the evolution of a brand. Initiate Market research studies and analyze finding to understand customer and market opportunities for MGM. Create interest among potential buyers of services by learning the consumer brands culture then designing a campaign uniquely fit to the needs of the brand. Help develop pricing strategies to help MGM maximize profits and market while ensuring that MGM consumers are satisfied.

Content marketing is changing the way consumer’s views brands. I am all about combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media & search. This will allow MGM to transform static news into conversation and bypass media to speak directly to target audiences. The primary marketing focus is to create advertising and marketing elements that work independently as well as interdependently. In my mind advertising is just one component or subset of marketing. Public relations, media planning & product pricing; are all parts of comprehensive marketing efforts. As I publicize MGM, I will work hard to align MGM business model to all marketing facets that work together to constitute out of this world marketing and advertising campaigns.
My goals is to be the bond; that bonds MGM to today’s millennials. I will produce results based on brand research and development to help ensure the success of MGM.