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The Dead Empire

The old Ways

By Joseph Benjamin

What’s left deep inside is tormented desire, a strange epic tragedy of distorted proportions. It started so long ago. In the darkest of places in a forbidden land. Death imbued in every part of his soul, that is what he sought; what he desired above all else. Young in my age the darkness of it all enticed me. Until the night sky told the coming of a child born of darkness. I ignored all the signs, it could not be true. A love doomed from the beginning started to form between myself and the lich king of Agmoria, a land in the darkest part of Alara. Ignoring all I became helpless in my love for the darkest spirit I had ever met. “Ajaunta!” he called from the hall of souls where he plotted the massacre of thousands of humans. Weak from child birth I could not answer. I could still smell my torn flesh; I can still see the blood that stained silk sheets. The black after birth that cradled my leg, shown a purple hue that danced with flickering candle light because of the magic in my blood. I could hear the voice of the world beginning to weep. A dark bellowing voice called to me from the window, “How dare you defy me, look at what has happen!” A tall frail woman hovering above the balcony with malice in her eyes. Veins of anger consumed her face, behind them I could see the love & pity this woman felt for her only daughter. “Mother I had no choice, how could I kill what has been granted by the goddess?”

“No goddess has granted this, this has been a plot by Morki. He tricked you! Leave now, Ajaunta leave the child here; there is no place in our kingdom for him.”

“Mother I will not leave him here, he will be very things that is to save us all, I have seen it.” That voice again stained with evil intent that made the blood dry in your ears. Called out to me from the hall of souls. “Ajaunta is my son ready to face the glory of my new world?”

“He will never be yours!” I said, as my voice echoed with vibration; it crumbled the hall to barricade the room. “Mother help me, I know I have betrayed you. Please believe me when I tell you that my child is the only one that can kill him. I now know his weakness and how the end must come. But it will, with a great sacrifice to us all.” Defining concern came over my mother face, “Ajaunta are you willing to pay that sacrifice?” Torment griped my soul again, a dark abyss sucked out every ounce of hope I had left in me. I knew what was to happen on the darkest night of my life. In a demanding voice she bellowed out her last command before we disappeared in to the night.

How could I leave him with such volatile creatures, creature with no magic, creatures that will turn on their own over scraps. Can I truly endure such pain knowing that my very existence fall in the hands of humans, who cannot see beyond themselves? Entis a dark elf who found his way on my father court whom I have never trusted. His eyes glowed like the night, deep bones permeated his face. His eyes keep his secretes. Why is he willing to send away my only child? My body tensed with anger as he said. “Ajaunta are we supposed to trust you now after you have betrayed our coven?” I moved close to my mother and tried to compose myself. I turned to him. “Entis this council was created to protect the gift of magic and all beings whom use it. My son is the only one who can kill the lich King, and the members of the council want to send him to live with humans!”

“Queen Lendora we must protect the kingdom, if the child uses magic or his necromancy ability he will be found. Ajaunta if what you say is true this is the only way to keep him safe until he is ready to face his destiny. I will personally arrange for a human family to care for the boy”

“Mother you will trust him with you only grandchild?”

“Ajaunta he has given us no reason not to trust him, you how ever my only daughter has betrayed my kingdom. And now you ask me to reside in your favor.”

“No! I ask you to not let your angry blind you to the truth”

I realized that my words fell on deaf ear. Before I could say anything else my mother in all her powers said those faithful works that destroyed my world.

“Let it be done, Entis you will have no part in this, Ajaunta prove your loyalty to your queen and your kingdom. Give your child to the humans until he is ready to do what is needed. If you betray me again, you will know a suffering without ending as I will take the life of your child.

Her words brought me to a dark place hidden within myself. The air no long smelled sweet of magic and lilac, the sun turned its frown upon me with madding heat burning my every hope and desire. In the mist of all this hatred, this innate destruction of myself and everything I hold dear as I gave my only soon too humans.

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