Pre-ICO is now LIVE!

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here — the Pre-ICO is now live! <- Click this link to get there!

Between March 15th and March 30th, early stage investors will have the opportunity to invest in the ICO to help fuel development of the platform. And as they say, the early bird gets the worm — those who invest during this period will receive a 20% Krowns bonus for their contribution to the ICO!

ooouuu shiny is the evolutionary next step of the current Kinguin platform. This new decentralized platform will allow you to not only continue buying/selling/trading games and in-game items, but also services.
Once implemented, you will be able to offer/purchase coaching, co-op assistance, streaming/PC tech support, streaming services, creative services, and much much more.

The platform will be completely decentralized, meaning faster transactions, safer information security, and better conversational trading — like using our Discord chatbot to trade with other users or merchants on Kinguin.

The platform will start using Kinguins own tokens, called KROWNS.

Krowns are the new Kinguin tokens that users can spend to buy/sell/trade digital goods and services on the platform. Instead of having to worry about slow and often unsecure transactions with traditional currency, and be gauged by exchange rates and other issues — gamers can now use Krowns.

Krowns can be sent/received instantly and there is no need to worry about a middle-man holding onto your money.

It boils down to a much better user experience overall.

  • Safer trades
  • Faster trades
  • Easier trades
  • More trades
  • Less expensive trades

Nothing will change overnight, Kinguin will be rolling out updated features over time — all of which will be clearly communicated directly to you.