Kinguin Krowns Pre-ICO Raises Over US $11 Million With Two Weeks Remaining

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has raised more than US $11 million in committed funds as part of a pre-sale to partners and key investors. The Company’s ability to course-correct during the road to the ICO played a significant role in securing this investment. Kinguin’s approach — and you can view the deck at — won several awards internationally for best ICO strategy.

Kinguin’s Pre-ICO sale is ongoing through the 31st of May, currently offering a 20% discount, which will end once the Open Round commences. Kinguin Krowns (KRS) will also be listed on major and smaller exchanges beginning in July. Additionally, Kinguin Customers will be able to use Krowns in the Kinguin Marketplace by the end of May, with new ways to use Krowns becoming available throughout the year.

“It took us a bit to get the concept right,” explains Kinguin founder and CEO Viktor Romaniuk Wanli. “It’s not as easy as it might look — even with an existing and successful business.”

We have also updated our Whitepaper — which you can view here: — Trust is Paramount

About Kinguin

Founded in 2013, Kinguin has fast become the largest alternative marketplace to Steam, Origin, and, with more than 7.5 million loyal customers globally. Its mission is to provide gamers, merchants, and developers with the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade video games at a fair price with an innovative, hassle-free, trusted, and secure platform. Kinguin is 100% compliant with international and local laws in every major jurisdiction including EU Directive 2008/8/EC. Visit and for more information.