How to Choose Princess Cut Diamond Pendants

A diamond pendant is one of the most precious gifts that can turn heads and set the wearer apart from the rest of the crowd. If you wish to create an impact or make someone feel special, then go ahead; purchase a diamond pendant because it is an investment of a lifetime. The Princess Cut Diamond Pendant is one that is rising in terms of its popularity and is a timeless piece of jewel that is elegant and exudes style.

If you decide to purchase a princess cut diamond pendant necklace, then you need to keep into consideration certain aspects such as the colour, clarity and carat. You are also required to choose the perfect metal for the chain that will bring out the beauty of the pendant. Here are few points you should consider before making the big purchase:

1. The budget:

This is one of the most important aspects that will determine the kind of pendant you wish to purchase. Having a budget in mind will keep you from overspending and you can pick something that is worth your price range. The colour, clarity and carat affect the budget; so choose wisely.

2. The colour:

While selecting the colour, always ensure that diamonds are nearly colourless. The ranges for this type are as follows:

· Grade G

· Grade H

· Grade I

· Grade J

These particular colours do not have the peculiar yellow tinges which lowers the quality of a diamond. If you still will to purchase a higher grade that is colourless, choose grades D, E or F that will cost you a bit more than the ones discussed previously.

3. Clarity:

This refers to the presence of imperfections in each diamond which also determines the value of the diamond. These imperfections are not visible to the naked eye but exist due to the passage of light through the stone, which makes it less brilliant in appearance.

4. Choose the perfect Carat for your diamond pendant:

For the perfect Princess Pendants, the size of the pendants depends on the carat where a large diamond will contain more carats than a smaller one. Hence, a Princess diamond pendant which contains more carats will be higher in terms of the expense.

5. The chain:

Select a metal that your partner is comfortable with. Some people are allergic to certain metals; therefore, keep in mind you partner’s preferences and select from a wide range of metals such as gold, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or palladium.

A Princess Cut diamond pendant is one of a kind and offers the same brilliance as that of a round pendant. It is unique in shape and appearance and is one of the most sought after cuts available in varied designs.