Tips to Care for your Contact Lens

It is important to understand that one needs to take care of contact lens; otherwise, it leads to eye infections that may eventually harm your eyes. These days, contact lenses are easy to wear and are also disposable but you need to check with your doctor before getting started. Also, there are certain guidelines associated with taking care of your contact lenses, a few points, which are mentioned below.

The Basics

· The first step is to handle the contact lenses only after washing and disinfecting your hands so that there is no transfer of germs into your eyes. Do not forget to dry your hands.

· You should always clean the lens with a solution since it cleanses it from cosmetics and other eye build-ups.

· Rinse the lens.

· And the last step is to place the lens in a clean case (lens case) and fill it with the solution which functions as a disinfectant to your lens.

Doctor’s advice

While wearing the lenses, you may feel a little dry and would be required to lubricate your lenses with the help of the solution provided. Also, while wearing lenses, your eyes may deposit proteins onto your lenses and hence you are required to make use of a protein removing solution. You will require this cleansing process more with lenses that are only replaced once or twice a year than the disposable ones. You can make use of an enzymatic cleaner or daily protein liquid removers.

The products used

There are various products used to clean your contact lenses. They are as follows:

· Daily Cleaner

· Multipurpose solution

· Hydrogen peroxide solution

· Cleaning/Disinfecting devices

Things you must know about, in order to care for your lenses

· You should consult your doctor and before switching brands and remember certain things that can help you keep your lenses protected. The following points should be kept in mind in order to care for your lenses.

· You should never touch solution bottle tips with your bare hands.

· Do not make use of tap water to clean your lenses because you can face severe eye infections.

· The lens cases should only be rinsed with hot water and then eventually dried.

· The next step is to clean your lens case with a tissue.

· Make use of disposable contact lenses.

· Clean and disinfect your lenses at least once in a day.

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