5 Erogenous Zones in a Man that Contribute to Sexual Gratification

It is an open secret that women are gifted with two, primary pleasure points that helps them attain sexual nirvana. We are talking about the clitoris and G-spot. And even though Female Orgasm can be a puzzle for most men, with some practice and a bit of courage, most guys are able to crack the code. However, you might be surprised to know that even the male body also has specific trigger spots, which when stimulated, can push a man over the edge — deep into ecstasy!

In this discussion, we are going to highlight 5 passion spots in a man’s body that can deliver the type of sexual gratification that that most people talk about but few manage to achieve. To help your man reach his climax, read on as we decode the lesser discussed aspects about male orgasms…

1.Shock & Awe his Mind into Sex: Talk Dirty to your Guy

Many men are no longer stimulated when watching explicit video clips but something as basic as “I want to see your dick” or “you are big” can get them into the mood. It is all about the human mind here. Visual treats can become repetitive and predictable. A bit of dirty talking mixes up things. We are not asking you to turn into a phone-hotline telecaller but think of phrases that let him know that you want to get naughty. You can talk about all the things you have in mind, the things you would like to do with him in the bedroom. By telling him this, you’re pretty much letting him know that he can just let go and enjoy himself — a great way to ensure that performance anxiety is kicked out of the window. A mentally stressed lover is least likely to be aroused or perform up to your expectations.

2.Never Underestimate the Power of Foot Massage: Put a Premium on It!

Backrubs are somewhat a given when women asked about how to entice their men into a playful, passionate session of making love. However, many women don’t know that all men have volatile nerve endings at their soles. When touched in the right manner, these nerves can be jangled, contributing to intense waves of stimulation. Start with gently massaging the foot as a part of foreplay. For starters, this is a great way to help him unwind psychologically. Secondly, foot massages contribute towards building an intense orgasm. To make it more effective, be dressed provocatively. If possible, do a small striptease in sexy thongs!

3.Give it back to him: Lick his F-Spot

Just like a woman treasures her G-spot, the man is aroused most at his F-spot. Yes, ladies! You heard it right. This F-spot, aka frenulum, lies just below the head of the penis. The concentration of nerve endings here is sometimes compared to the female equivalent of the clitoris. You can make him wild by letting your tongue slide over this area during oral sex. Follow the oral course by stroking the F Spot gently, going back and forth with your thumb while you move your fingers around the shaft.

4.Hit his P-Spot: Real Women do this all the Time!

Feeling like a walnut towards the base of the penis lie a hotbed of nerve endings — a place that can trigger a really intense orgasm instantly. Fingering the anus can be really stimulating for some men. It doesn’t hurt to experiment once in a while and giving your guy an unexpected surprise. Have him lie on his back with his knees bent and legs spread apart. Use your fist to apply even pressure to the area with quick vibration-like motions.

5.Grab his Butt to push him over the Point of No Return

Yep, you need to look beyond this fixation with the female rear and focus on its male counterpart for a moment. We are sure things become blurred for you at the time you are reaching the climax. When you are having intercourse and you can sense that he is about to finish, grab him by the butt and pull him in. It’s a very physical way saying “I really want it,” without really saying anything at all!

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Originally published at adulttoysindia.wordpress.com on February 15, 2017.

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