Internet update 18.08


Google is splitting apart. It will become holding of companies (Google, Fiber, Nest, etc). See this video for more details.

Google announced Android Marshmallow next 6.0 version of Android OS. SDK realase info. Marshmallow preview download.

You should consider your privacy before installing Windows 10 — you probably saw similar posts, but Microsoft assures it is part of Insider program, also you can disable it.

Google Hangouts new page.

Samsung unveils 2.5-inch 16TB SSD.


Everything You Know About the Internet of Things is Wrong — describes which movement in last years influenced how IoT is developed and what it can become in future, also asks important legal/moral questions.


Improve your firefox — some configuration improvement in about:config.

The definitive list of lists (of lists) curated on GitHub.

Ignition: V8 Interpreter — new interpreter for JavaScript (Draft).

Designing for Performance: Weighing Aesthetics and Speed — book for front-end developers. You can read it for free, all money will be donated to charities.

Stronger Shell — “Shell scripting is strange and somewhat forbidding, but will serve you better than most other frameworks or languages you can learn (after your first). ”

Google’s S2, geometry on the sphere, cells and Hilbert curve — how to index whole planet using 64 int and get 1 cm accuracy (slides).

Frege is a pure functional programming language for the JVM in the spirit of Haskell.

Future of Rust.


A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning — really nice and accessible introduction to Machine Learning precisely decision trees.

Video of a neural network learning — have you ever wondered how brain / neural network works, here your answer on silver platter.

Tic Tac Toe: Understanding The Minimax Algorithm.

The State of Artificial Intelligence in Six Visuals.


4 Invisible User Experiences you Never Knew About — provide less to do more.

Improve the payment experience with animations — “The goal of animations should not solely be entertaining the user, but rather, they should be helping the user better understand what’s going on and how to use your product most effectively.”

The Best User Experience Design Links of 2014.

Fun / Interesting

Octopus genome holds clues to uncanny intelligence — if you are really into it: original paper.

Classnamer — don’t have idea for class name? Generate one.

Blinking Commits

Music I’m enjoying: Tangerine Dream — Thief (Extended Edition).