I’ve replaced resolutions with daily targets this year

I’ve never stuck to new years resolutions. In fact, I don’t think I could even remember the resolutions I had written down come a few months later.

This is why this year, I’ve decided to set myself daily targets instead.

I’m on day two now, and it’s a real struggle, but I’m really focused on completing each one. It’s almost like a game I play inside my head — always focused on getting the next item completed — and I can already see this new approach will pay huge dividends going forward.

My daily targets are…

  1. Curate and send a daily newsletter
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Write daily
  4. Spend quality play/reading time with my boy
  5. Film, edit and upload a daily vlog
  6. Reach inbox zero

Whether you have or haven’t made new years resolutions yet, consider joining me in giving daily/weekly targets a try :)