Over some beers, a friend asked: “How much does a lambo cost in Bitcoin today?”

I couldn’t easily find the answer.

So I got building.

A few hours, actually days, later — LamboIndex was born.

If you want to find out the cost of a lambo in Bitcoin (or ETH or LTC), head on over to LamboIndex.com to find the live price.

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Telegram ICO allocations are already being flipped for millions before its debut
With just weeks to go before Telegram’s official ICO launch, crypto investors are already flipping their tokens acquired in a private funding round for up to double their initial price. The ICO, which is targeting a $1.2b …

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The cryptocurrency world has evolved massively over the past few years, transforming itself from a Bitcoin-driven ecosystem into a diverse collection of currencies and technologies that offer the potential to change how we live our lives and do business.

With the huge amount of attention cryptocurrencies have received in 2016 and 2017, it’s no surprise that plenty of new startups have appeared aiming to capitalize on the potential that blockchain offers.

Below, I’ve listed 50 of the most interesting, popular and exciting cryptocurrency projects and companies that are currently disrupting the blockchain ecosystem, from established currencies to technology companies offering…

The original version of this interview was published on the KintuLabs blog. Outside of interviewing cool folks in the tech/startup space we work on GrowthList (hand-curated lists of fast growing tech companies) and FoundersGrid (our weekly newsletter covering tech/startups).

What follows is the story of how Chris and Greg, a couple of bootstrapping serial entrepreneurs with many years experience living in Tokyo on a budget, decided to launch an online magazine to show the world that visiting and living in Tokyo doesn’t always need to cost a lot of money.

Tokyo Cheapo, the blog they created which is now the…

Hey, I’m Chris. I update a daily newsletter curating the best tech, startup, business and design news/resources every day.

Like last year, I wanted to go back into each edition to find out what the most popular guide of the day was (by link clicks from readers) and list them here as one big resource.

There’s some gems below, so I reccomend using a read-later app like Pocket to save the guides you’re interested in. In doing so, you’ll have heaps of content to read over the holiday season.

3 quick notes before we move onto the list:

  1. If you…

Of all the sales techniques available cold calling is probably viewed as being the least popular by the general populous. Cold calls are often seen as a nuisance — an invasion of privacy and a waste of precious time.

Why then, in an age of digital technology, automated email, social media marketing, and internet advertising would anyone in their right mind advocate startups engage in cold calling?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Cold calling has an immediate impact on your bottom line.

For startups, getting things moving is the difference between success and failure. A startup has to be ahead of the game as far as competition is concerned and…

A.I (artificial intelligence) seems to be everywhere nowadays, from Hollywood movies, to regular news stories to thought-provoking features. The debate over just how far A.I will progress, and the related moral ramifications, rages on. But what’s certain is that, right now, A.I is making consumers’ lives easier by the day.

This is happening not just through the development work of big tech companies, but also through the creativity of tech startups.

The startup industry is booming around the world, with a staggering 50 million new startups being formed each year. An increasing number of these are exploring the possibilities of…

That’s me, editing the Founders Grid newsletter.

From Monday to Friday, I spend 4 to 5 hours each day curating the best resources, news and lessons shared covering tech, startups, business and design, and send 6–8 of the most interesting links out to my newsletter subscribers.

Today I sent the 200th edition, and thought it would be fun to look back through the archives and compile a list of the articles which received the most engagement (in form of clicks) from the 600–800 or so resources I’ve curated and sent out over the past 100 editions.

Find a comfy chair, infuse some tea, and get ready to…

In 2012 Twitter flicked a switch that meant hundreds of startups could not access their API.

This week we are seeing the same thing happen again with two other huge ecosystems:

Instagram is pulling their feed API at the end of the month and as a result many great products such as Flipboard and Flow are now effectively doomed.

Reddit has announced it’s launching image uploads, ditching their alliance with Imgur. After five years of bootstrapping, Imgur raised $40m last year. If I was the CEO (or an employee), I’d be shitting bricks right now.

This should serve as a great reminder to entrepreneurs how volatile it is to build companies on top of other company’ ecosystems. Building companies are hard enough as it is, why add another layer of uncertainty building a business in the hands of another’s companies’ whim.

Chris Osborne

I update a tech newsletter at FoundersGrid.com, a Crypto newsletter at CryptoWeekly.co and research tech companies at GrowthList.co

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