About Kinvite

Aug 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Kinvite creators and seekers of events for collective wellbeing.

We seek to change the way the world spends their time by supporting creators of events that help us feel something, learn something, connect to others, and inspire us to be well.

We believe in shared moments that better ourselves and uplift our communities. We believe that being together, sharing together, and growing together strengthens our hearts and opens our minds. We believe in the power of ritual and the power of collective betterment that uplifts the world. This is the team working towards this mission:

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Jenn Louie

CEO -Co- Founder

Jenn grew her tech career at Google and Meetup. At Google, she led policy development and enforcement prior to managing sales monetization strategy and product feedback initiatives for New Products. She built Meetup’s first Trust & Safety Department, and has consulted for institutions such as MIT Media Lab. She volunteers her time as a mentor/ advisor for the New School’s Social Impact Innovation Venture Lab, and on the Board of Directors for Equal Access International. Her speaking credits include: SXSW, Microsoft, NYU Stern, IDEO/ La Victoria Lab, Pivotal Labs, TechweekNYC, The Impact Summit.

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Jesse Lee

Technical Cofounder

Jesse is a software engineer, technical activist, and avid writer. His talents were honed at Bloomberg and Citymaps, where he learned how to apply technology and design to solve problems of information access. He is an advocate for the use of science & technology to solve human problems such as clean water, open internet, and animal welfare.

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