The Secret to Building Better Connections vol. 1

Bigger ≠ Better

Current-day social networks, apps, and event sites are guided by the belief that bigger is better. They feed us more-populated and larger events both for promotion and advertising and are based on the premise that the more connections we have and the more people in the crowd, the more connected we are.

We started working on something that disrupts the common notion that success in social events and networking must be and should be defined by largeness and massive growth.

What we discovered in our extensive research is pleasantly simple.

Think Small

The key to making experiences engaging and more fulfilling is to keep groups and gatherings small. Here’s why:

Feeling Like We Matter

You’ve likely witnessed this with meetings, parties, teams, squads, or group emails/sms; when groups get too big, people either check out and stop participating, or naturally split into smaller groupings and conversations of about 2–4 people. People don’t feel like speaking up or that their response is warranted when groups get too big. Simply put, we don’t engage when we feel like we don’t matter. We feel like we don’t matter when we get lost in a crowd.

Sociologists and anthropologists have identified that any group larger than around 8–12 people struggle to stay collectively engaged without additional facilitation, programming, or organization. In fact, 3–6 people is the most common and ideal size when people invite others to hang out.

The fewer the number of invites extended and the more individual and direct the invites, the faster and more responses received. The formality, frequency or fancy design of an invite makes little difference in getting responses or committed participation.

The smaller the group, the more likely each person is personally acknowledged which keeps people more engaged.

Personal Connection

We are innately social beings seeking connection. Keeping gatherings small helps ensure connections can be forged. When you send fewer invitations to people, you are communicating that they are special; you’re thinking of them, want to spend your limited time with them, and you are being thoughtful and intentional with your invite list. Having smaller groups is less intimidating, and more welcoming because there is a higher potential of personal connection.

More Time Together, Less Time Stressing

We want to focus on togetherness, not the stress of coordination. It’s simpler and easier to successfully gather with a smaller group of people. Planning and organization becomes significantly more difficult with each additional person. Large group events require extra facilitation, programming, and organization to keep it purposeful, engaging, and fulfilling for everyone. Successful small events and experiences rely more on the people than on the production value.

Curated & Niche Over Mass Produced

We want experiences that don’t feel transactional, generic, or make us feel anonymous; as many big group events do. We are making increasingly conscious choices to seek out these these smaller opportunities that are infused with personality, character, and craft. They are opportunities upon which precious and unique moments thrive because only a few can experience it at a time. This trend is exhibited in the popularity of Airbnb over large chain hotels; eating at a food trucks instead of fast food chains; buying at local boutiques instead of big malls.

Environments We Can Be Ourselves In

We crave environments and groups where they can relax and be authentically ourselves. That requires trust. Building trust is much harder in larger groups and environments where one can’t easily build a more personal connection with others- especially within a few hours.

We are committed to empowering small group gatherings and events and are building a community movement that finds fulfillment and joy in smaller group activities. Join us, we’d love to hear from you.

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