2 Months Life in Tokyo

"An unforgettable experience."


After graduate from university, I went to a Japanese IT company for short-term internship. I will only talk about life in this article.

To be honest, I have never left my country over one weeks. Though even the trip is short, the experience is unforgettable for me.

“I rethink many things in my life.”


I don’t think find a place to live is hard in Tokyo. But if you want to find a nice place with low price, it will be really difficult.

I luckily found a shared house in Sibuya which only need 70000 yen per month without monetary gift. And my company is also there, that means I do not need to spend to much time on transportation everyday. It is good for experience life in Tokyo.

However, not everything is beautiful. First, this shared house contains many night club guys and girls. But seriously, I am not. At there, you should be able to sleep with noisy environment. (well, I do not care.) Second, this shared house is located near many Love-Hotels. Every time I said address to my Tokyo friends, their reaction are unbelievable. “Are you kidding me? You live around Love-Hotels?” Thus, this place is a little bit messy.

Tokyo have two famous Love-Hotel area, One is in maruyamacho(円山町). The other is also near yamanote-Line(山手線), But I forget the actual place.

In spite of those disadvantages, this place is still fun. I met two Taiwanese there, both of them were really friendly. And one of them had just built a new community of Taiwanese and Japanese. Besides Taiwanese, there also had lots friendly people from French, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and Ice island…etc. They came to Japan for different reason, learning Japanese, DJ, student, internship and research…etc.

Though my English was not good enough to handle strange accent, I still felt glad to meet them.


At the beginning, I always ask my colleagues “Do you recommend some good way for making new friend here?”

For many people, they will go to bar or night club to meet new friends in foreign countries. But it is actually not common in Taiwan, especially for me(Otaku?(御宅)).

And even Japanese told me that they may have same problem in Tokyo. To many people outside Tokyo come here to find jobs. I have never thought about this in my country, because it is too small, which only takes less than 6 hours from Taipei(Northernmost city) to Tainan(Southernmost city). So even you work in Taipei, you still can go home every weekends.

To find new friends, first, I started to know colleagues more. But actually, everyone knew that colleagues are different from friends. Especially I am a short-term colleagues. I felt a little bit infrustrated at that time.

As I mentioned in first parameter, roommates was also a good point. And luckily, roommate invited me to the activity of his community. After I join, I suddenly realize how small Tokyo is. Also, I am so surprised that some Japanese realize history of Taiwan so much.

Though I still think finding friends is not easy in a foreign countries now, at least I become more optimistic after this experience.


If you live in Japan more than one month, we can try almost every famous food. That’s what I did. But in this parameter, I want to talk about other things.

Do you know that market(ichiba, 市場) of Japan are popular spot for some travelers? I also went there for fun at first. At that moment, I didn’t expect about cooking in Tokyo. But I was curious about a question. “If I start to cook, how much money can I save?”

Then I started to learn ingredients price and downloaded recipe app for leaning cooking. Surely, I saved money, but wasting too much time. Then I finally knew that why there were so many cooking class in Japan. It absolutely saved money and needed skills to improve favor.

Waste time? Image that you work until 8 pm, then you go to market to buy food for 1 hour, back to home to cook for 1 hour, and recovery everything for 30 mins. Finally you take a bath for 30 mins. Wow, it totally waste you 3 hours.


Not every people in my shared house like travel. It costs to much money and may not be fun sometimes.

But personally, I came there for working and traveling. Thus, after this internship, I have almost been every famous spots at least once. I would say that living in Tokyo and traveling in Tokyo is better than one-week trip. Right now, every time I see some blogger in my country share their travel plan, I feel really suck… (what? 4~6 spots in one day 7 days in a row? Are you get sick?)


If you are a traveler, you must feel price in Tokyo is high. However, if you live here, cooking by yourself, going to 100 yen shop to buy daily life stuff. You will change your mind. For me, in Tokyo, price are not so high if you find right place to buy things.

I don’t realize other countries now. But I think the high price of restaurant is because Japan is a developed country, namely, they care about the value of providing service. (Comparing with my country, restaurant is cheap, however food ingredients are expensive.)

Also, cookies, clothes and shoes are really cheap. Only transportation fee is high here, however my EU friends said Japan is still 5/6 cheaper than EU.


I really love lifestyle in Tokyo. To be honest, I want to stay in Tokyo longer. However, I am young, I am poor. Even there is still many things to say. But from now on, I have to start to find new full-time job. Lots to do list is waiting for me to finish. Find company and right job position, modifying resume and infinite interviews.

If you have any feedback, feel free to share. (I will keep revising about typo and grammar fault.)

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