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“If you desire healing,
let yourself fall ill,
let yourself fall ill.”
― Rumi

Sitting in the silence of these last few weeks upon re-entry in the US, I have observed a lot of noise. Noise from countless media outlets, social media blasts, worried loved ones, and frightened neighbors about the Covid-19 virus. …

The Panther Process was forged from the ferocious exhaustion of working in three of the most stressful industries in New York City. After more than a decade in the film, fashion and real estate industries, and a trail of ‘failed’ relationships, I finally walked away from a successful career in the city’s stratospheric real estate market after deciding I’d had enough of killing myself for what I had deemed ‘achievement’. …

Kira Saundra

I create peak moments of inspiration, transformation, and purpose in the lives of others. Founder/Curator of “the Panther Process”.

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