Dreams → Reality: Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Entire Process
Benjamin P. Hardy

Benjamin P. Hardy, a minute before I opened this article I was thinking to take a break and relax, assuming that I did enough for today. But this fired me up! I’ve got a second wind and feel very inspired now.

First of all, let me tell you that you made a great article. I can’t agree more with your points on shaping oneself and changing the environment. I was focusing on my new habits, meditation and changing the way I live for last 5 years and found myself making real progress only for the last few month.
And just like you accidentally found your partner at the gym, I would love to offer you (and anyone else who will read it) to connect me via email — little.peeved@gmail.com

Why? Because I’m on my way of changing myself for a long time already. And I’m craving to find people who move in the same way. I think anyone who chooses a new direction knows how it feels. When nobody understands you, when they mock you, and laugh when you share your “big dreams.”

I don’t care who are you and what you are doing for life. But if you read this and want to grow, become more than you are now — email me. And we, for sure, can help each other.

Peace ❤

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