We’re Locked Into A Cycle Of Wanting. But We Can Break Free.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Hello Jon Westenberg !

I really liked the Buddhism explanation of the “cycle” issue, did you find it in a book somewhere? I would love to read a good book about Buddhism, never had a such idea, to be honest, until this very moment.

I appreciate your article because back in time I had pretty much the same issue, I was a little bit of addicted to shopping. And your post is actually going to the right point, BUT.

For me personally it look very much unfinished. When I got to the “if you liked the post” — I immediately felt like “wait, what, where is the rest?”, even scrolled back to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

In my humble opinion, changing this or any other bad/unwanted habit — is a process, not a single “I just stoped”. And it’s a life-changing skill too.

I personally would recommend to go into this question deeper and if you already did, have other articles “how to change the habit” or anything related to it — at least refer to your old work.

Thank you for your work!

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