Resistance is an Act of Love
Katie Painter

Hm. I’m not quite sure what to feel now. I am from country which went through the revolution and I took an active part in it.

You know, it felt exactly as you said Katie Painter — romantic. You can’t imagine how proud I was! Changing thing, creating a history, all that cool stuff. But do you know what happened after? Generally speaking, my whole life went down. I lived in fear for years. Depressions were normal for me. Not once or even twice I was thinking of suicide.

Well, as you can see I managed to manage myself and to survive. The romantic stuff was over very soon, but the struggle lasted for years. I lost pretty much everything and everyone. Only few but strongest connections with my past remained strong.

I live in the US now as a refugee. And when people ask me oppinion about politics.. Well, I don’t think about it at all. The last time I did I’ve learned a lesson. The hard one. The only think I hope will never happen to me again — is the violence of revolution and war. Now when it’s nothing else but past — I value peace and calm like nothing else.

And I’m glad to see that at least some people don’t fall for all this crap. Because that’s not romantic at all. Violence create only more violence.

Peace ❤

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