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Well, I feel somewhat confused. People in comment section — do you eve understand what are you talking about? I feel like all of you believe to be scientists? All this “GW is fake” make me feel worried for my future and future of human kind even more. You googled a few links and became super educated on the subject? Please. You are blind and ignorant.
How many of you read at least one book over the last year? So if you have no knowledge and everything you can say is “study shows” with no links, proofs, or whatsoever — stay quite, and don’t be mistaken by thinking that you know anything.

And here is a link for you to read. Because what you people say is such nonsense.

Will I change anything with this reply? Oh, well, I doubt that. But some people who know more that nothing will read it and shake their heads in agreement. It’s for them, so they know that they are not alone.

Peace ❤

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