Chains of Gold

Tie your blindfold now! You have a baby girl!
They’ll be here soon, bid farewell.
Please don’t bury her! She’ll prove a good slave.
I’ll teach her silence, I’ll instill the grave.
Tie your hair now! You are a lady!
You were born a woman, rather a child.
Bury your hopes now, life is not a dream
Time is the essence and the dishes aren’t clean.
Tie your opinions now! You are a lady!
How dare you? How dare you raise your voice!
This is not a bar, it’s an ethical work place
Come close now and I shall grant you that raise.
Tie your dreams now! This was never your home!
Surrender your name now, along with your soul.
Your smiles shall fade soon, but that’s a norm
I told you that day, you shall never belong.
Tie your tongue now! You are a lady!
Strangle any defence, you are but the weaker sex. 
Your family is new now, and you might just break
Hurt on a silver platter, this globe embraces the fake.
Tie your hands now! You are a lady!
For freedom of hands shall yield liberation.
In sickness and in health, let him seize you
He’s the man, master, possessor, the strength.
Tie your sash now! Stir that spoon!
Do the laundry and throw out that trash.
For success lies upon the stove, the shape of your bread, 
That achieved paper is merely as valuable as yourself.
Tie your daughter now! Bless her with this poem!
Tell her to write her own, but never steer her to sing.
You’ve taught her well, you’ve taught her to not tear
Your pride relies on her silence rather her fear.
Tie yourself now! You’ve served them tough!
You’ve mastered this culture, you’ve borne enough.
It’s time for you to rest now, it’s time to embrace the earth
Oh mother, oh lady, why didn’t you let them bury me first?

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