Uber’s CEO — “[Some people] blame everything in their life on others”
Natu Myers

I think this is a perfect case of facts over feelings. None of what Travis Kalanick said is factually false: “some people blame everything in their life on others.” At the end of the day, the only thing we can control in the world is ourselves.

What’s the driver’s mission? To put food on his family’s table and maybe a bit extra.

What’s Kalanick’s mission? To make “transportation as reliable as running water.” If you buy into that mission, which he does, and you think that the world will be a better place because of it, which he does, then you have to do what’s necessary to make it happen. Trying to achieve that mission requires that Kalanick makes all the right decisions, survives the barrage of challenges, and makes it through to the end. And ultimately, if he fails at that mission, it’s his own fault, he has nobody to blame and if the only thing he can control, in order to succeed, is himself. So when Kalanick says that some people like to blame everything in their life on others, he’s literally saying that the only thing we can control is ourselves. If that hurts somebody’s feelings, then they’re not ready for the real world in which they can’t control anybody else! Now Kalanick is apologizing for his statement? No need, we should be thanking him for a brief glimpse of reality he offered.