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Have you ever wanted to gain a better understanding on coding? Then is one of the best places to go too! was created to introduce computer science to kids as well as encouraging them to code. The site provides new and interesting ways to learn about coding.

My experience with has been wonderful. When I first accessed the site, I was already intrigued. As soon as I entered, I was shown an image of the well-known game, Minecraft, and I just had to click it. It then sent me to something called, Hour of Code Tutorials, where you learn a bit of coding. I chose to do, Minecraft Design, which would help me learn how to program animals and other Minecraft creatures in my own version of Minecraft.[1]

When I first started, I was shown an introduction video on what I will be learning from this tutorial. In the beginning, I was thought a few simple commands, such as adding actions once something is spawned. Later on, loops were introduced, and how loops can help make the objects you make look more realistic. For example, once a creature you made appears, if you put a loop for it to just move one way, it will look weird. However, if you program it to generate random moves, then it appears to look real. Events were the next thing I learned, in which you tell your program to perform an action when something happens. One example was that I had to spawn 3 zombies when night falls, and have them move towards me. Therefore, in the coding, I spawned three zombies as soon as it hits night. I then added events that when spawned, they would move towards me. I also added other actions such as playing zombie sounds, have them flash when they are hit, and a few other things. Eventually I was able to combine the things I learned and make my own mini version of Minecraft.

This was definitely a fun experience and I felt like this was a good refresher on my coding knowledge. In my first few years at Ryerson, I was taught a few basics in coding, such as CSS and HTML, through programs called Dreamweaver and Processing. I was never particularly interested in coding, but after using, it inspired me to try it out again. is a great site to introduce people to the world of computer science, as it provides fun and amazing tutorials.

Here’s a link to a little game I made after completing the tutorial!



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