Grub Club: A Lunch Break From Your Stressful Work

A case study on designing an UI Library for Grub Club


The task is to design the UI for an app that would allow the entire team to select their restaurant and dish preference, and for the responsible person to be able to place the order seamlessly, and for the employees to take a break from work.

Key functionality:

• Users can look at a list of available restaurant options

• Users can look at the menu and daily specials and place their preference

• Users can come to an agreement on the restaurant choice

• Team members can place their dish/food preferences prior to ordering

Target Audience

• Age: 25–40

• Male and Female

• Professional employed / entrepreneur working in a startup or agency environment.

  • Keywords: Professional, Fun, outgoing, passionate, dedicated, social, creative, stylish.


Mood Board

Mood Setting — Professional, Fun, Friendly

The mood board not only shows the color and style that I used but also represents the flow of my thoughts. The first thing came to my mind after reading the project brief is a beautiful working environment ,coffee and real food/drink, then I wanted to add “fun” elements into my design so I started looking for fast food illustrations and throw them into the mix. The last two pictures shows the source of my inspiration for color harmony.


Visual Langue:

Color: Bright Yellow, Candy Purple

Shape: Rectangle, rounded corner

Space: seamless

Movenment: Bouncy

My style tile illustrates the variations of the logo,the icon, typeface that I used and the color palette. For color, I used food related color mustard yellow and candy-like purple.

In addition, I made a carton burger icon to replaced the standard burger menu, giving the app a sense of humor, and I also used a pizza icon to replace the arrow icon.



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