Shen Zhen OCT LOFT Campaign


  1. Design an online experience that reflects the core offerings of Shen Zhen OCT Loft (Shen Zhen OCT Creative Culture Park).
  2. Convey the spirit of the Oct Loft experience.

Target audience: young and creative people.

About OCT Loft

The OCT LOFT Shenzhen (OCT Creative Culture Park) was a industrial complex and now turned into an art-and-design district. The reconstruction process was started in 2004, the old factory and warehouses were turned into showrooms, cafes, restaurant, lounge, and art studios.

In 2007 the OCT group has launched the North District upgrading program, the architects and designers of OCT loft came to Vancouver and tried to bring the style of Yale town area back to Shen Zhen. In 2010 there are more than 50 of design studio, advisting agencies, animation and movie production companies in the loft.


What qualities about OCT Loft attracts/surprises you?

I started my research with interviews, I chatted with my friends back in Shen Zhen and asked them why do they like to hangout in the OCT loft, what attracts them and what amazed them.

During the interview, they said what amazing about the oct loft is the transformation, not only the transformation of the park itself but also the transformation in the park from day time to night time.

In the Day time the park is quite, artsy and chill, and in the night, the park turns into a futuristic and exciting place.


  • Capture the “Industrial and Edgy” style.
  • Understand the needs of various users
  • Lack of High quality images

My challenges in terms of design are Capture the “Industrial and Edgy” style of the loft and to show the transformation of the park from old factory to the creative culture park.

I also found it is quite difficult to capture the transformation of the loft between day time and night time.

lack of high quality images was also a challenge for me.


I decided to use both of my art directions to show the transition and the differences between day time and night time.

In terms of the difficulty of finding high quality images, I decided to use illustrations rather than actually pictures and focusing on the events in the Oct loft rather than the loft it self.

Logo Design Inception

I used geometric shapes to convey:

1. the “creative aspect” of the OCT Loft

2. The shape of warehouses/factories

After the research, i start working on the logo design, I decided to use geometric shape to mimic the shapes that made up the warehouses and factories and also to convey the “creative aspect of the park.

The circle represents O.

The thick board on the left side represents C.

The rectangles represents the T and also L for Loft.

To stress the “creative culture” of the oct loft, I started to apply the golden ratio into my logo design. The size ratio of the rectangles, the thickness of boarders and the ratio between top part and bottom part are all 1.618.

For the colour, I primary used different shades of grey to mimic the colour of concrete wall then I noticed the colourful graffiti and painting on the building so I decided to add colour to the logo.

Webpage Mood Boards

The moodboards include the colour selection and also typography choices.

The first mood board is about the day time of the loft, I try to use martial like the concrete, bricks, metal, Frosted glass and plastic to convey the design aspect of the park and to mimic the building.

The theme of my second mood board is “light”. I want to show the trippy and futuristic feeling of pub and clubbing scene in the loft.

For the webpage background I used the shapes and elements from the logo design to maintain the brand consistency.

For the night time version I also took the shapes from my logo and re-created them in Photoshop, blending them into the background to convey the futuristic vibe of the park.



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