JOUR 220 — CNA: Tech News 10/16/15

Democratic Debate in Virtual Reality Gets Mixed Reviews

CNN partnered with NextVR to live broadcast the Democratic Debate Tuesday in Virtual Reality. Some viewers thought it was a huge leap forward for journalism and media technology, while others felt it was “a growing pain for a new medium.” NextVR was “very happy” with the results.

Waze app directions take woman to wrong Brazil address, where she is killed

A 70-year-old woman and her husband were driving through Rio De Janeiro using the “Waze” GPS app when it led them to one of the city’s favelas. Once there, someone opened fire on the car, killing the woman. Waze was very apologetic, but this incident has raised concerns about GPS security this close to the olympics.

T-Mobile and Sprint to allow one phone number for multiple devices

Following AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are going to start allowing people to use the same phone number for multiple devices. These devices will include tablets, wearable, and the typical phones. Details have not specifically been released, but T-Mobile has said they will offer much more than AT&T currently does.

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