The truth is…I’ve earned more with my naked female body than I have as a (clothed) woman with two degrees, three published novels and years of experience in my industry. The truth is…when they said “all you need to teach is a book and an MFA,” they were lying. The…

*Spoiler alert*

Being an ardent horror fan, especially of female-driven (or female-authored) horror films, I had been absolutely psyched to see Hereditary starring the brilliant Toni Collette. Last night, I finally sated my dark appetite and watched the film in a surprisingly and largely empty theater. My friend and I…

Excerpted from The House of Erzulie, which tells the eerily intertwined stories of an ill-fated young couple in the 1850s and the troubled historian who discovers their writings in the present day.

The private diary of Isidore Saint-Ange, New Orleans, 1852

Tomorrow, we take part in the Société de Magnétisme…

Six States in Six Days

My mother, Shauna. 1989

The universe is a mosaic of mirrors. Déjà vu, then, is the recognition of a pattern seen previously. …

Kirsten Imani Kasai

Writer, editor and educator. Because she who dares, wins. Author of The House of Erzulie, Ice Song and Tattoo. More goodies at

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